Gala glamour.


I look marvelous, right? I never knew my hair could look so voluminous! Inspired by vintage goddess Kerry, I asked my mum to transform my hair into a genuine beehive for a gala. Instant glamour! You like the result?

(Also a big preview of my next outfitpost)

Sorry ozone layer for all the hairspray..


With the Birthday Girl

Instagram | @dressyourlife_

It’s funny to see all the different picture qualities, or actually it’s not.. I really need to get myself a proper camera! My loyal little camera hasn’t been the same since the sandy plains in Tanzania. Sometimes I can even make better pictures with my iPhone, just saying. I also have one semi-decent picture of my awesome platform sandals. I was so happy that I finally had an occasion to wear them and then one of my heels came loose in the middle of the night.. Luckily I also brought a pair of snake print sandals.


I even liked my hair the day after, what I wouldn’t give to have more and thicker hair!


After this picture overload, I’ll leave you with Kerry’s hair tutorial video:

Wearing: earrings – Urban Outfitters; Dress – Nümph (via Lily); platform sandals – Nelly.

Naomi, x.