New accessories.

You remember me complaining about not finding good accessories in my previous post? Well, yesterday Sabrina took me along to PopUpVillage in Bokrijk. More than 80 webshops and designers displayed their goodies: gadgets, accessories, interior design, beauty products, toys,… I really enjoyed the coziness of the whole happening, a lot of effort was put in the displays. They should think about expanding next year though: too many people and too small aisles.

Two displays caught my attention immediately, the first one was Studio Blanche. I’m a sucker for kitsch, the more the merrier! So I was very pleased when I saw a lot of bright little figurines and even ecstatic when I noticed the low prices and a tiger necklace. Yes, a tiger necklace!



I immediately wore it to a party that evening, smiling like a happy kid! They also use the cute figurines to make snowglobes and decorate the packages of sugared almonds. If I ever need sugared almonds, you can guess where they’re coming from!


Source: Studio Blanche


Source: Studio Blanche


Source: Studio Blanche

The second display was from Joly Jewels. A lot of lovely jewelry, but I was immediately drawn to the earrings and necklaces that incorporated acorns in the design. So original! It was hard to choose but eventually I went with Hungry squirrel (or Harry for friends).



The acorn is actually a miniature coconut, all the way from Ecuador. Needless to say, that I had to buy it. I even have a purpose for it: my thesis defense! If anyone spots a squirrel sweater, TELL ME! Not for my defense, I just want one ;). More well crafted jewelry this way, I can hardly resist..


Source: Joly Jewels


Source: Joly Jewels


Source: Joly Jewels

And finally my mum brought a scarf for me from her holiday in Oman. Can you see a pattern here? Thank yoooou mummy!


Beastie Naomi, x.