Instagram feed #2.

Today we’ve been blogging for three months now and I must say that I’m really getting into it. I’m glad we took the leap, I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a while. Since we’re only newbies, it would be really lame to give you a 2012 recap, but I can offer you my December in pictures if you like?

Instagram is also becoming a daily activity. Some people start their day with reading the newspaper, I look at pictures on Instagram ;-).


I made a presentation about felid coat patterns, I do not only wear clothing with cat prints I also study their function πŸ˜‰ β—† Ready for a Disco party, before the glitter spray shower that is β—† Best buy of the year: vintage black CΓ©line β—† My study buddy, what would I do without you?

My boyfriend with his super fly new shoes β—† It’s the season: hot chocolate with amaretto β—† A signed poster of my favorite comedian β—† My cutie Nougat in a Christmas setting


My first DIY haha πŸ˜€ β—† These holidays I went BANG with my new favorite sweater β—† We’re not the only ones confused by this weather β—† Nina, Wendelien, Ruth and I wishing you a Happy 2013!

Naomi, x.