The Hair-Files.

Here you have it, most of my hairstyles of the past six years. As you might have noticed, I get bored easily when it comes to my hair. Different cut, color or style? I’m in! All in all the changes over the past years have been rather basic, nothing too crazy. I must admit that I have a secret weapon… my mum is a hairdresser ;-).

When I was younger, most of the time I had curls in my hair. Yes, granny perm! I just hate flat hair. It’s always the same story: girl with flat hair wants curls, girl with curls wants flat hair. Now I’m just going with the flow of my hair, quirky waves it is! Since my Joico experience (picture 16), I’m really hooked on coloring my hair. Before I only wanted color shampoo, because it fades out evenly. But what’s the point if after a month your hair just has its orginal colour back?

Nowadays I’m an ombre chick. The funny thing is that unlike most devotees I didn’t bleach the ends of my hair. Ha! My light ends are actually a remnant of my red colour (photo 19), bleached by the sun.

What to do next? Any ideas? Shoot! I really want bangs, but my hair and forehead are way too greasy, sometimes I still feel like I’m in puberty.. Maybe some new colors?



Naomi, x.