A splash of color.

Wearing: Cardigan – Urban Outfitters / T-shirt – H&M / Trousers – WE / Sneakers – Converse all stars / Starfish ring – H&M / Purse – Primark / Scarf – gift

Color is my middle name, especially when the sun is shining outside. The t-shirt, trousers and ring are recent purchases. Pre-spring shopping is fun! It lightens your mood immediately. I really like the colored specks on my t-shirt, it’s as if I had a fight with an army of fluorescent markers. When I saw the starfish ring, I immediately grabbed it of the rack. I mean animal-shaped rings, how can I resist?

Hi, my name is Naomi and I’m an animalaholic.

Can’t wait to stroll the sunny streets again. I’m going to be so grumpy if it’s still this crappy weather when it’s my birthday. Mock my words!

Naomi, x.