Gold digger.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters necklace / Nümph dress / YSL ring / Zara flats

How do you like my new bling-bling? I’ve been spoiled rotten this month by my loved ones. The flamingo necklace and dress are probably no strangers to most of you – scroll down if you want to be up to speed – but they are just my go-to pieces this summer. I wore this outfit to attend the Club Monaco x Belmodo VIP shopping night in Knokke. Yes, I had to bring out the big guns. I’ve coveted this arty ring ever since I first laid eyes on it a couple of years ago. Seeing the ring everywhere lately didn’t change my mind, I just wanted it more. It fed my desire. And now this ring even has an important meaning to me: two years of kitten love (read: an intense and deep romantic attachment, typically associated with two close friends who fell in love)!

When I was lightly forced to buy this dress by a certain redhead, I never thought it would stay white for so long! I still don’t trust myself enough to buy a lot of white pieces but I can draw courage from this success story. Maybe I’m even turning into a proper lady, ha! The shopping night really made me realize (once again) that from time to time I need to invest my clothing money in quality pieces. Note that I say ‘from time to time’, I’m still a student and I have a long-standing relationship with the high street shops.

Now I’m going to indulge in some drama: PLL-time!

Naomi, x.