Yellow blazer.

Wearing: H&M blazer / Cyrillus Paris flower dress / found belt (the best kind!) / Pandora bracelet / Converse sneakers

What I like about this 20°C weather

  • I can put on cardigans & blazers
  • No more ventilator 24/7
  • No more sore spots between my thighs (damn you people with skinny upper legs!)
  • I can use my laptop again in the way it was intended
  • I can wear my hair loose again, too much buns make my head hurt; bad buns
  • I can welcome back my trusty SS pants (Study & Sweat, what else?)
  • I can cuddle up to the boyfriend again ♡
  • You get the point

This yellow submari blazer was a pre-sales-but-already-with-discount purchase. When a blazer is marked down to only €10 you don’t really have a choice, now do you? The only downside is that the colour is a bit tricky to combine since I’m not into the whole bumblebee color scheme for example. However, this outfit immediately fell into place and you know what: I’m loving it! How about you?

That’s all folks!
And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
I’ll be back..

Naomi, x.