Let’s pretend.

I’m wearing: H&M top, Thomas Sabo clover necklace, Urban Outfitters dress, Just Julia bow ring, Simple comme Bonjour heart ring, Céline bag, Collage Vintage x Krack silver sandals.

These pictures were made on probably the last full-on summer day. One last time to enjoy that sweltering heat. Hearing everyone talk about autumn gives me a claustrophobic feeling. The nights are creeping up on us, every day a little faster. Slowly temperatures are dropping and leaves are turning brown. Is is true? Is winter coming? (Don’t mind me, I’ve started watching Game of Thrones)

These sandals, I’ve been longing for them ever since I first saw them on the Spanish fashion blog Collage Vintage. Since she has a fun & wearable style it was no wonder I was immediately sold on the shoe collection she designed for Krack. I was bummed however about the high shipping costs (€16!). Luckily everything has a way of working out: I’m talking 30% discount on the whole collection, ka-ching! How could I resist then, THEY’RE SO SHINY! Do you like my new bling?

I must leave you now, Jon Snow is awaiting me, farewell!
Naomi, x.

P.S.: Can you guess where I was on these pictures?