M·A·C Cyber lipstick – COS shirt – Primark necklace – WE cardigan – Twice as Nice ring – Levi’s demi curve jeans – Converse sneakers – Zara coat

What can I say, my boyfriend brings out the best poses.

This fall I’m really feeling the whole light grey & white vibe. It’s such a nice canvas to work with. For this outfit I decided on another crisp colour: purple. Seeing these pictures, I can’t wait to twirl around in the snow with my purple manes. This necklace – or complimentcatcher – has already made multiple appearances on the blog. Versatile & shiny, need I say more? Actually I can! I bought it during sales at Primark. Speaking of sales, my zebra coat (♥) was also a good buy. Serial Zara shopper Cindy occasionally cleans out her closet and puts her redundant garments up for sale on her blog. When I spotted the coat, I knew I couldn’t ignore that much discount, et voilà. I’m even weaker than a mollusc when it comes to shopping.

Which are your eye-catchers these misty days?

Naomi, x.