Lily lover.

Lily, mon amour de Malines! Earlier this week I discovered new arrivals in the online shop and since I fancied them so much, I put together some collages for youse. I hope you like them as much as I do!

I would love to see myself going to work in outfit número uno. Classy print mixing, yes please! Coral is such an elegant & versatile colour, and currently missing from my wardrobe. This coat would be a perfect fit, but let’s start by finding a job first..


Is it wrong to plan your outfits instead of your city trip? We haven’t even chosen a destination yet, oopsy-daisy. This outfit screams summer and I absolutely love the skirt shape, makes you want to twirl around endlessly in space.


Perfect everyday outfit you say? I concur! Well maybe with some spare flats in my bag, I’m only human. Can you believe I don’t own a bomber jacket yet? So many essentials missing from my closet and so little money.


Trousers with palm tree print, amaaazing! Throw on some glitter heels, a nice blazer and you’re good to go out and paint the town.

Have I lured you over to the Lily side yet?

Naomi, x.