Sorbet Seams.

Sometimes you can’t help but fall in love with webshops. Webshops filled with authentic, honest, and quirky items. You might remember earlier posts featuring Sorbet Seams, just kidding here’s a link or two, and the good stuff keeps on coming. When I won a pair of shimmer lashes back in December, I immediately started brainstorming about a bold shoot with Maya. I’m thrilled with the result and I hope we can both find the time to do more of this. And by this, I mean epic stuff.

Talking of which, most of my favorite articles are on sale. This is probably the moment to point out to friends, family, non-existent/future sponsors, humanitarians, … that it’s almost my birthday. Huzzah!

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P.S.: I’m not sponsored, just passionate. #sharingiscaring

Naomi, x.