Wear your greens.


Vacation, an extended period of recreation. The perfect opportunity to pull out those items of clothing you bought in a flare of summer longing. I know we all have them! We do, right? For me it was this delicate lace cardigan, discounted at the end of last year’s summer. I was delighted I could finally wear it outside the bathroom (more about my tub adventure here). That’s the thing about summer sales, you have to wait another year to put your haul to good use. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with plans for the occasional exotic holiday, of course.

My banana leaf culotte was another – what else – impulse buy. I loved the print at first sight and when I saw the H&M conscious tag, there was no more stopping me. Initially I wanted to pair these culottes with some killer heels, but since I was going to spend most of my time on the beach, that wasn’t such a great idea. Practicability over everything.

Now, what are your summer craze purchases? A family sized straw hat? A top so thin you can floss your teeth with it? A barbie bathing suit? (Almost guilty ✌︎)

Staring at Stars lace cardigan, Komono sunglasses, Topshop by Zalando top, H&M conscious culotte, Volcom sandals.

  • Wowww die broek!

  • De print op die culottes vind ik ook zooooo mooi! Jammer dat ze hem niet op iets meer draagbare (naar mijn stijl) stukken hadden 🙁 Je draagt hem zo goed, trouwens! xo

    • Jij zou echt awesome hebben gestaan met dat mini broekpakje! Maar inderdaad, niet meteen je stijl 😉

  • Oeh de broek is super cool! Ik ben er nog niet helemaal uit hoe ik een culotte zelf zou dragen, maar zo vind ik het echt wel mooi 🙂 Nicely done!