Caudalie Vinosource.

Caudalie never fails to meet my expectations. So when I got an invite to discover their Vinosource line, I immediately hit the reply button. What I love most about Caudalie – besides the fact that they don’t use animal derived products – is that the brand does not simply claim that they care for the environment with some vague wonderful sounding sales pitch. They’ve dedicated several pages to how they’re actually making a real change and how you’re contributing to this by purchasing their products. Read more about their ‘1% for the planet’ commitment over here.

It all begins with the harvest of fresh biological grapes in southern France 🍇 . The water from the grapes is extracted through a special low pressure procedure. To this pure and powerful extract a small amount of grape juice is added to eventually obtain one of Caudalie’s worldwide bestsellers: grape water. I can tell you it’s a true godsend on sultry days like these when even small insects start sticking to your face. Just a single spray of refreshing grape water and I’m good to go. Why not just a good old splash of tap water you ask? The active particles and minerals in this water not only soothe but also hydrate your skin, promoting a healthy barrier against sunlight and pollution.

Next in the Vinosource line we have – yet again – the fantastic four.
– The moisturizing sorbet is the perfect cream for sensitive skin. When it comes in contact with the skin, the cream forms a hydrating water patch for an immediate and long-lasting calming and soothing action.
– The moisturizing mattifying fluid is the partner in crime for people with a combination skin. The smooth and light cream immediately reduces sebum secretion while recovering the skin’s natural water balance.
– People with a dry skin will benefit from the moisture recovery cream. The soft ingredients nurture and support the skin, resulting in a more supple and comfortable feeling.
– Is your face almost crackling from dryness? The intense moisture rescue cream immediately places a soothing blanket on your skin, restoring its hydrolipidic film and strengthening the skin barrier.


At the moment my skin is rather greasy so the moisturizing mattifying fluid is my top buddy. I use it every time I’m making an effort to properly wash my face. I love how it keeps my skin soft and dry throughout the day, at least if I can keep myself from stroking my face the whole time. Must look really weird too! 😂

Caudalie’s products are available for purchase on or in your local pharmacy.


This post was created in collaboration with Caudalie, all opinions are my own. 

  • Ik vind de moisturizing Sorbet echt top! De rest heb ik nog niet kunnen proberen!