Everlasting Apparel.

Once in a while, you get these heartwarming messages that instantly make your day. Three weeks ago was such a moment when I received an e-mail from Hanna asking me to be part of her ‘everlasting apparel’ series. I immediately started searching my closet for the perfect garment and finally came up with this four year old blue dress. The best feature of this dress, besides the cool nature print, is the elastic waistband! Can I get an amen? 😄

You can read the full story behind today’s outfit (and so much more 🙊💩👻) here. Be sure to follow Hanna’s blog for more sustainable and eco-friendly inspiration!

Jacqueline de Yong bomber jacket
& Other stories bracelet
An’ge dress
💚 Veja sneakers

  • I’m so glad you took part – I loved your post and the outfit 🙂 So happy you’re back to blogging again! xx

  • Mooie “natuurlijke” foto’s! Past goed bij je jurkje. En wat leuk dat je voor die serie gevraagd bent :):)


  • oeh mooi!

  • Anastasiia PleezMee

    Love your style, very fresh 😉