Les Sublimes

On the longest day of the year I’m writing to you about a new project that makes the world sparkle just that little bit brighter. Les Sublimes is a new ethical clothing brand from Paris that launched today. 🎉 Their first ‘Made in France’ collection consists of basic tank tops, tees, and knit dresses. All the pieces were consciously produced in a family-run atelier outside of Lyon, France. Les Sublimes ensures quality wardrobe essentials and investment pieces, infused with luxury, comfort and effortless beauty.

“Every product is manufactured from start to finish with the intention to preserve and fortify our planet’s delicate ecosystems and improve the lives of the hardworking people who make each piece.”

What’s not to love? 💘

At the moment the leading ladies behind Les Sublimes are trying to gain enough funds to purchase their fabrics in bulk, good sustainable materials don’t come cheap y’all. And that’s where we come in! We can support this brand by already purchasing an item (or two) of their collection in advance. Not only do you immensely support this valuable company but also young girls in need. With every clothing item you buy, you donate a one-month education to the Panauti community homestay in Nepal. Imagine what a difference we can make together! 👭

Les Sublimes crowdfunding page: https://igg.me/at/lessublimes


  • Ziet er een super mooie collectie uit!
    X, Eline

  • Benedicte

    De collectie ziet er echt prachtig uit!
    Please check out my new fashion inspiration blog: tfmbe.blogspot.com
    Thanks! x

  • I love companies that take sustainability into consideration, sounds like they have great ethics. I got the tote bag!

  • Wow normally I tend to associate ethical clothing with boring but this brand looks really excisiting. The designs are flawless!

    x Karen