If my hair is braided, you can bet it was a windy place to shoot 😄 . These were taken at a family weekend a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling great and wanted to share my latest sweater and skirt. Coincidence or not but they match perfectly. To tone down the ‘autumness’ of this outfit – hey it was still summer – I added my exotic pair of adidas sneakers.

It’s almost a year ago since I started making way more conscious decisions regarding my wardrobe and I haven’t regretted it since. It’s like I’ve stepped out of the fashion rat race and I can truly recommend it to anyone. I don’t have to compete with anyone to style the latest ‘hot’ item from high-street store x or y, nor do I feel the need to shop every month, let alone every week. I hardly ever go extensive shopping anymore, unless it’s to accompany a friend or relative. I’ve become more interested in fabric choices, background stories and discovering new, exciting brands. Before I would just visit the regular high-street stores wherever I went and all the stores that accidentally crossed my path, nowadays I research new cities beforehand (mainly for vegan hotspots 💁 ) and only put a few special stores and restaurants on my list. What a relief!

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💚 Denise Roobol city bag
💚 Komodo pencil skirt
Adidas gazelle sneakers