Filippa K x Swedish Stockings

We can all appreciate a good collaboration, certainly one that serves its purpose for the colder days ahead. Filippa K and Swedish Stockings recently teamed up to design beautiful high quality stockings made from recycled nylon yarn. Many of us don’t realize that stockings are very polluting to the environment. Nylon yarn, which is currently used to produce most modern pantyhose, is created from a harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process. Each year, two billion pairs of stockings are produced, worn a couple of times and then discarded on landfills where they pile up with other cheap non-biodegradable textiles. Swedish Stockings tries to break this downward spiral by creating new pantyhose from recycled yarn. But they don’t stop there. The company produces zero waste by using environmentally friendly dyes, solar power for most of their energy requirements, and by implementing post-dyeing water treatment to diminish pollution.

“We are proud to combine sustainability, quality and great design and hope our customers will feel the same pride in wearing them.”

The Filippa K x Swedish Stockings collection consists of five different styles; four pantyhose and one knee sock, all in black with prices varying from 18 – 26€. You can find the styles in selected Filippa K stores internationally and online. The pair that I’m wearing is from the regular Swedish Stockings collection which is available year round at my favorite eco-friendly store: Supergoods.

Filippa K x Swedish Stockings

  • Interessant! Ik had er inderdaad nooit bij stilgestaan dat nylonkousen zo slecht waren voor het milieu. Ik ga eens kijken van wat mijn favoriet merk zijn kousen maakt!
    Maar dit zijn alleszins prachtige kousen en qua prijs nog wel te doen hé 🙂

  • veggiesara

    Oh het zijn nog heel mooie kousen <3
    Fijn dat er ook hier rekening wordt gehouden met het milieu… Het is niet altijd eenvoudig om eco/fair trade ondergoed en kousen te vinden.
    Thanks for sharing! (: