Like a virgin.

When I planned a trip to Ghent two weekends ago, Visitrice was one of the only shops I wanted to visit. Why? Because it’s Ghent’s latest (and only?) sustainable and vegan retailer. Never did I suspect to find such cool sneakers over there. I’m questioning whether you can even grasp how happy the sight of these shoes made me. The same goes for food, the excitement I get from encountering vegan meals outside my doorstep. So exhilarating! It’s like you’re back to square one, no expectations whatsoever. It makes life very simple and my head crystal clear.

If you want to enter a nice giveaway: Visitrice is having one on their FB page as luck would have it, you can enter until the end of the month. And if you win, you’re obviously lawfully required to hand everything over to me. Have a nice weekend! I’m off to the seaside – again – with my former Alcon crew.

Lee sweater
💚 H&M conscious jeans & socks
💚 Veg supreme hi top sneakers

  • Cato andriessen

    Love the outfit! I should visit the store sometimes because I always love discovering new stores!

    Xoxo cato from