Fa la la list.

Christmas for her
Just a little somethin’ somethin’ I put together for the late-shoppers amongst us (including myself). Shopping for the holidays can be quite the task. If I can give one tip, let it be this one: if you can’t find a gift with a special meaning, then search for one with an original backstory.

  1. RE-DO agenda 2017 – €35 – Since my 2016 RE-DO agenda is reaching its final pages and joyful events for 2017 are already pilling up (hello wedding bells!), I could definitely use a newish agenda pronto. Newish? Tille & Linde, the two Antwerp ladies behind RE-DO, started this project to give new life to paper waste from printers. Therefore each notepad is one of a kind and consists of a wide variety of paper types. I love using ‘experienced’ paper to write my daily appointments on, makes me feel experienced as well 😂 . Have a look at the RE-DO webshop to discover more of their unique paper formats.
  2. Roche Rouge Jellyfish patch€16,99 – Instead of buying new clothes for the holidays, why not level up your current wardrobe with luxurious embroidered patches? Roche Rouge is – yet again – the work of a talented Belgian duo: Ann & Alexander. With their brand they want to take a powerful stand against the fast pace fashion industry. Instead of throwing out clothing season after season, why not give your garments a second life with unique, eco-friendly produced embroidery? The take-home message here: cherish your clothing and buy quality whenever you can. My favorite from the Roche Rouge webshop is the jellyfish with glow in the dark accents.
  3. Cîme Magnificent Mandarine body scrub & bad salt€19,95 – Within a few seconds I fell in love with this brand. How could I not, with words like ‘vegan’, ‘organic’, and ‘eco-friendly’ triggering my inner environmentalist. A charming presentation by the brand ambassador Eva Trappeniers also helped of course 😉 . Cîme is – you’ve guessed it – a Belgian brand by the hands of Anke, Isabel and one adventurous dad. The natural ingredients for Cîme products are sourced in the Himalaya, empowering local communities with sustainable jobs. I’m currently using the universal balm for.. um about everything! From a stuffy nose to dry spots on my feet. What’s in a name right?
  4. The light grey Votch€143 – When I became vegan earlier this year, I made my peace with the fact that some fashion items would be off limits from then on. You can imagine how excited I was to find out that there are so many high quality alternatives out there waiting for me to be discovered. First my eyes fell on these cool hi top vegetarian sneakers and at the moment I can’t get these gorgeous faux leather watches out of my head. London gal Laura founded Votch only recently with her little pooch Rolo, to offer stylish, cruelty free alternatives to the current accesory market. Every three months Laura chooses another charity to donate a percentage of her profits to.
  5. Qnoop Black & White€25 – Maybe it sounds a bit boring to buy socks as a present, but these are no ordinary socks. Dirk Vis and his wife were fed up with their bad quality socks that discolored and lost shape after just one washing, and on top of that went missing every so often. I’m lucky enough to have all my sock pairs intact at the moment, but wouldn’t it come in handy to keep socks together during laundry? I’m looking at you, big families with humongous laundry piles! Every pair of 100% organic cotton Qnoop socks has a biodegradable button and a button loop, solving the problem of the missing sock once and for all. You can find designs for everyone in the Qnoop webshop, from basic black to funky rainbow. Spend more time with your loved ones instead of your socks, buy Qnoop.

The Christmas deadline is coming terrifyingly closer, so if you don’t want to shop online and anxiously await your purchases, look for your local stockists.

Mechelen: Supergoods, Von Winckelmann.
Gent: Visitrice, Supergoods.
Antwerpen: Juttu, Host.

and many more!

  • Fijn lijstje Naomi! Ben ook al fan van Cîme en de RE-DO agenda. Die laatste koop ik als kerstcadeau voor mezelf 😉

    • Bedankt! Ik heb de agenda vorig jaar ook als kerstcadeautje gekocht 🙂

  • Jill

    Wat een leuke lijst Naomi! En wat een prachtige blog! Super lief dat je een berichtje had nagelaten op mijn blog 🙂 Kus, Jill