‘Hello’ by A ka so.

Clothing doesn’t always need bold words or slogans to convey a powerful message. Sometimes a simple drawing suffices. The Kara tribe in Ethiopia is renowned for their creative drawings, using their skin as a canvas and the earth as a palette. One day Philippe Vertriest, the man behind Akaso, came in contact with the tribe’s creative talent through a book on African body painting art and later on developed a collaborative fashion design concept between six young Kara artists and two Belgian designers. The drawing on my sweater, for example, was designed by Gelte to express her friendship with fellow artists Keri and Hailu. I’m so proud to serve as a canvas myself for one of Africa’s oldest art forms.

Besides honoring the Kara culture, another important aspect for the label is sustainability. The collections are produced in a qualitative European factory that ensures fair wages for their workers. Akaso also utilizes eco-conscious materials, such as tencel and modal. I hope to see more of this wonderful collaboration in the future! You guys definitely will, since I also have this Gusho shirt and zebra top hanging in my closet.


The best part about Akaso is that the designs can easily blend in with everyone’s closet, without any compromise. Never thought an African style sweater would suit a preppy look? Think again 😉 . At the same time the collections also blend in perfectly with the Kara’s own traditional clothing, and that’s the beauty of it for me. They’ve created something, they can enjoy themselves.

How do you like my styling? Would Akaso fit in with your style as well?

Bonus: every online purchase (until Dec 10) will automatically result in a €5 gift to the construction of a hospital near the Kara tribe. Wouldn’t it be heartwarming to know that your Christmas present gives joy not only to your loved ones but also an entire tribe of people? ❤️

💚 Akaso sweater
Lee shirt (old)
Filippa K trousers (old)
Zara sneakers (old)