Middle fingers up.

As you might have guessed, these pictures weren’t shot this month. What person in his right mind still walks around with bare legs in December, right? Although I might have to reconsider my sanity, because this pencil skirt looks too good on its own. And it’s no secret I’m not a big fan of wearing stockings: looks phenomenal on the legs, feels horrible around the waistline. The dark blue sweater is easily one of my favorites, what more do you need than animals giving you the finger accompanied by a cool slogan? People tree is the best! I wore this outfit for a quick little newspaper shoot (do I sound douchy yet?) in my favorite clothing store Supergoods. A lot of favoriting is going on here in this post, it’s the season to be jolly after all.

What more to expect on Dress your life this merry month?

  • organic & vegan makeup
  • a cool shoot with this Weekday Bon Jacket
  • my prettiest Christmas outfit

Hope to see you soon! Don’t be shy and come say hi.

Mexx trench coat (old)
šŸ’šĀ People Tree sweater
šŸ’šĀ Komodo pencil skirt
šŸ’šĀ Veg supreme hi top sneakers
šŸ’šĀ Denise Roobol vegan city bag