The bomb(er) jacket.

Bomber jackets are an excellent replacement for your typical winter coat. At least in the case of this warm & snug specimen. I wanted a new coat to switch things up a bit and since Weekday recently opened a store in Antwerp, I decided to browse their webshop. I hardly ever go ‘physical’ shopping anymore because of the bustle. First things first, I had a look at their values, an invaluable aspect of one’s brand. Weekday states that humanism and environmental care are very important for the workings of their business in the CSR & values section. They implement several actions to ensure that none of their codes of conduct are breached. Well done! I also love the fact that they use lots of recycled materials in their garments.

In Weekday’s webshop you come across loads of beautiful coats, evidently I narrowed down my search to vegan coats. Tip: you can easily find out which materials are used in the ‘details’ tab of the garment. Communication agency Pure was kind enough to gift me the Bon Jacket. I just noticed that my color (brown dark) is discounted to only €20, what a steal! You should definitely go for a size smaller when purchasing this jacket, although it says only ‘slightly’ oversized in the description.

I’ve tried on several outfits with my jacket before I was fully satisfied with the result. The key to a bomber approved outfit, is elongation. Not only did I put on my prettiest pair of high heel boots – I’ll talk more about them in a separate post, vegan brand Matt & Nat (🙌) deserves more than a brief mention here – but also a long shirt. Because the shirt is longer than the jacket, it immediately softens the bulkiness of the jacket. Of course you don’t have to follow this rule to totally rock a bomber jacket, but for my figure, elongation works way better.

How do you go about when styling an outfit with a bulky garment?

Pictures by Maya Bogaert.

Weekday jacket
Monki shirt
G star jeans
💚 Matt & Nat boots