Love what you wear.

Don’t wear what you love. 🐮❤️

I’m back in town with a new outfit! Not that I was on holiday or anything, otherwise you would have been buried under #sorrynotsorry posts on my Instagram account for sure. Just not feeling it, the never-ending struggle of finding motivation in daily life.

Today I want to show you a Bazaar de Luxe t-shirt I bought last year at Vegan Summer Fest in Ghent. Bazaar de Luxe is a Belgian brand that produces sustainable & vegan clothing. I love the fun slogans, but more importantly I love the message that they’re conveying. My t-shirt goes perfectly with my new vegan sneakers from Matt & Nat. No animals were hurt during the making of this outfit. ✌️

Weekday cardigan
💚 Bazaar de Luxe t-shirt
💚 H&M conscious jeans
💚 Matt & Nat sneakers