Naomi Und Gretel.

This past year I’ve been on a journey to health and general wellbeing. Current stop: eliminating toxic beauty products. Definitely not a bad idea when you have sensitive skin, like myself. It’s been a while since my teenage self roamed the kitschy makeup stands in cheap drugstores. Messing with dark foundations and smudgy lip lacquers, I remember it so vividly. What I also remember is irritated skin, especially in between my eyelashes. Because of that (and my morning struggles), I’ve never been a heavy makeup user. It’s even so that people close to me know I’ve gone shooting when they encounter me during the day with a full face of makeup. I do not take well on pictures without any makeup y’all.

At the moment I’m slowly replacing my empty containers with new, natural products. I’ve already briefly mentioned Cîme in my holidays wishlist, currently this cleansing and tonifying lotion is patiently waiting in my cupboard to make its debut in my daily (ahum) skincare routine. Next up is Und Gretel! I was introduced to this German makeup brand via Supergoods and instantly clicked with their values and products.

“Organic beauty isn’t about sacrifice or compromise, but a way to treat yourself and the environment with the respect and kindness both deserve.”

Und Gretel natural cosmetics are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are never tested on animals. Not all of their products are vegan but they have a clear list of ingredients (see FAQ). I would like to clarify that I made a mistake choosing Und Gretel test products, since none of the tagarot lipsticks are vegan (but still vegetarian). Being vegan is a continuing learning experience.

What do you think of my rusty look? If you’re hungry for more inspiration, Und Gretel has got you totally covered with their beauty looks and tutorials.

– Und Gretel cosmetics are available at Supergoods