Fjällräven Re-Kånken.

Some people can’t wait to get their hands on that one designer bag they’ve been lusting after for years. In my case, that designer bag turned out to be an iconic backpack. Luckily for me, Duifhuizen caters to all! Duif who? Duifhuizen is a large Dutch retailer (with Belgian webshop 🙌🏼) that offers a wide variety of handbags and suitcases in all price categories from over a hundred different brands. The company kindly offered me to choose a bag to my likings, so when I spotted the Swedish brand Fjällräven in their collection my decision was already made. I’ve been wanting to carry around a Kånken backpack for I don’t even know how long, but the timing (👛 💸) was never right. Until now!

While browsing the Fjällräven selection, I discovered – with uttermost joy – a special edition of the Kånken backpack made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The polyester fabric has also been dyed with a special technology that radically reduces the amount of water, energy and chemicals used during production. If I ever do decide to part with this backpack (highly questionable), it can even be recycled all over again. Where have you been all my life? 💙

A couple of days ago I took out my new ‘Re-Kånken’ for a spin, literally, since I brought it with me to the gym. It was a perfect fit for my water bottle, wallet, towel, and sneakers, with a separate pouch in the front for my earplugs and phone. But I think I’m going to get the most wear out of it as my new go-to-work bag, since it has a back packet in the main compartment for all my important boss papers (more on that later!), practical handles at the top and adjustable shoulder straps ready to use whenever my hands are full with breakfast when I’m running late for example.

Fjällräven Re-Kånken black (c/o Duifhuizen)