Double denim.

Although JT nowadays regrets his double denim outing with Britney – maybe the cowboy hat went a little overboard – it didn’t stop me from coming up with my very own ensemble. The XL denim shirt is easily one of my new favorites, and by that I mean every new item that enters my closet, as it should be. Buy less, choose well, make it last! I’m so glad Joppe took me thrifting when I visited him in Ghent, and handed the shirt over to me after considerate contemplation. I absolutely love the badass tomboy vibe oversized garments exude.

How do you like my wavy hair? I didn’t use any styling equipment, only a texturizing salt spray from Less is More. It’s my no. 1 go-to hair product if I don’t want to put in a lot of effort, and by that I mean always. Bonus: it doesn’t make my hair sticky or greasy and smells very natural. Need more inspiration or help? Supergoods Mechelen organizes a Less is More hairstyling workshop with the lovely Eva Trappeniers in June. Go get your hair beach ready!

💚 T2 denim shirt (thrifted)
Scarlet Roos blouse (old)
Garcia jeans (old)
💚 Matt & Nat boots 

  • Melissa Van Lommel

    😍😍 Zalig look!