As long as I can remember I’ve been dealing with a sensitive skin, even a regular band-aid can leave me with inflamed marks for several days. And even though my yellow iso-betadine baths are a blast from the past, I still suffer from the occasional rash and itchy dry skin. On my quest for natural beauty products, I already stopped using deodorants with chemical ingredients and shampoos with sulfates. It may take some getting used to, since natural products don’t contain the fragrant enhancers their ‘chemical brothers’ do, but I’m so pleased with the results that I’m not bothered in the slightest. Bleaching my hair for several months has left me with an irritated scalp for example, but since I’ve been using natural shampoo, the little wounds on my scalp have started healing because of the soothing properties of the natural oils. Before I would be scratching my head nonstop after I washed my hair. Result: my hair is as clean and my scalp healthier.

Currently I’m indulging in the all natural skincare products of Belgian cosmetics brand Líkami, Icelandic for ‘body’. Líkami products are superfood for the skin with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. If you need to remember one thing it’s that no pharmaceutical concoction can equate to the rich and nurturing elements of nature. Combine these wonder ingredients in an eco-friendly packaging and you’ve got a winner on your hands (and the rest of your body in this case)!

Since my last two eye creams gave me a horrible rash, I was very curious to try out the anti-wrinkle eye contour cream. Surprise, surprise! After several weeks, I’m yet to find the first itchy bump. How can I not be convinced of natural products? The cream has a fresh smell and is very easy to apply, just a little drop goes a long way. Seeing that the skin underneath my eyes is paper-thin and in desperate need of some attention as I’m slowly approaching my thirties (😳), I’m beyond happy to have finally found a firming eye cream I can stand. Now I’m just going to lay back and let the bioactive ingredients of the Quadri Gold botanical complex work their magic.

I’m certain that even the most minimalistic people amongst us have a good body soap in their bathroom cupboard (or solitary shelf?). I chose the chamomile – lavender hand & body wash so that I could picture myself in some charming French bed & breakfast beneath the summer sun. La vie en rose! As I said before, no artificial or enhanced fragrant, just pure recognizable ingredients. I love to apply this wash with my hands (normally I use a good old-fashioned washcloth), since the little practical pump makes it very easy to dose and also because it has a very delicate foam. Although I – like most people – am a fan of foamy soaps, I noticed it can leave my skin very dry and itchy afterwards, especially during winter. Another worry less by virtue of Líkami 🙌🏼.

I know most people don’t have such sensitive skin as me and therefore might be thinking that they don’t need to back away from the cheap (and convenient, I know!) chemical products. But ask yourself: do you think the same way about healthy food? It’s not because some people gain a lot of weight when they eat crappy and others stay stick thin, that junk food isn’t bad for your health either way. We don’t always know or feel what goes on exactly inside our body and what kind of havoc some products wreak beneath the surface. Actually in a way I feel lucky that my body reacts so sensitively to damaging cosmetics and even unhealthy foods and drinks, because I’m more in touch with what I really need to nurture myself.

Convinced as well? You can find Líkami products in Haven Surf Antwerpen / Noteboom & Boetiek Ruth, Brugge / Interieurkabinet Mechelen / Baenk Nieuwpoort / Deleye Roeselare, Brugge, Kuurne.

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