Ton sur ton.

I’ve never worn all of these pieces together before, crazy right? For one because they look amazing in an outfit, but even more so because I have had every single garment hanging in my closet for at least two years now.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to change the way I interacted with my closet. How many of you feel like they have nothing to wear on a monthly or even weekly base? I know I did, even though I have a closet that’s filled to the brim and I’m pretty certain that most of us do. So I went through my stacks and chucked what was no longer needed, and here comes the interesting part: I reversed the order of my stacks so that my favorite shirts, sweaters, pants and skirts were at the bottom and my less worn items on top. I did the same for my hanging garments, I removed unwanted items and then reversed the clothes hangers.

Every time I now wear something I put it back at the bottom of the stack or on a clothes hanger that I then reverse back again to its original direction. At the end of the year I’ll take stock of my closet and decide what I want to do with the garments I haven’t worn once. It really helps to visualize the items that you’re not wearing and are just taking up unnecessary space. Last week when I was getting ready for a family dinner, instead of just grabbing my go-to sweater or shirt, I assessed the current position of my clothing. Some pieces that I thought I really loved, still hung there untouched for over 5 months. What a shame! I looked through my reversed hangers and pulled out the first unworn shirt that matched the weather conditions. I was so proud of my outfit that day!

I find that interacting with my closet this way gives me a better insight of the options I have at my disposal and ignites my creativity at the same time. We don’t necessarily need to buy new items every season, we just need to grasp the possibilities already within our reach. Dump consumerism and free up money and time for the important things in life! By this I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy new clothing every so often, I’m just encouraging you to think more carefully about your closet and how new items can attribute to it, instead of cluttering it up. Make smart decisions 💚.

Mango shirt (old)
Topshop top (old)
& Other Stories bracelet (old)
💚 thrifted skirt
Vans sneakers (old)

  • Heel mooi!

  • Met te beginnen werken, had ik een hoop nieuwe kleren ingeslagen, maar wist nog altijd vaak niet wat aan te doen! Gewoon een kwestie van vertrouwd te geraken met welke dingen met wat passen en nieuwe combinaties uit te proberen etc. 😀 (en af en toe eens langs de tweedehandswinkel…)

  • Ik vind de outfit wel plezant :D. Ik ken het probleem, alhoewel ik echt wel veel winterdingen heb hangen en redelijk weinig zomerdingen. En veel dingen passen ook gewoon niet meer wegens uitgezet (maar working on it)